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Monday, October 11, 2010

Fall Camping

One of the top ten things for my family to do in the fall is take a weekend and go camping. The chilly air, warm campfires, geese flying over, and fall colored leaves encompass the beauty and wonders of the season...

Oops! Maybe I should have checked with the weatherman first. We arrived at our destination Emerald Acres Campground on October 7 and departed on the 10 th. During our stay, the daytime temps hovered in the balmy (at least for this time of year in Illinois) mid 80's. Makes you want to pull that lawn chair a couple of feet more away from the campfire doesn't it? ;0) But don't worry, we had a fun time as always; even though, we were a little over dressed, and my husband managed to come down with a full blown cold on Friday. I swear there is nothing worse than a summer--ah,er--warm fall cold!

As for those flocks of geese majestically honking while flying over head... Who needs them? These big guys decided they would fill in for the weekend.

Apparently these turkeys did not want to share their campsite with me and my camera!

We were winners on the best part of fall-- the gorgeous display of leaves. We had a beautiful little maple at our site. It was shedding its leaves all weekend and was almost bare when we left. The colors were amazing everywhere!

Another bonus of a warm weekend was a trip to the barn on Saturday night for a banana split! Strawberry, pineapple, and chocolate toppings with coordinating ice cream (vanilla w/ the pineapple) wedged between two halves of banana, and topped with whipped cream, nuts, and a cherry. A Masterpiece!!

It certainly was a wonderful get away, but now I must get back to business. I need to get busy with the last remnants of food preserving, and there are boxes/barrels of gourds, shelves of flea market/garage sales finds, and cupboards/picnic baskets full of fabric that need to transform into special gifts. Isn't fall just the best time of year?!? :0)

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