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Sunday, August 20, 2017

Flea Market Find ~ Fischer MEWA Sewing Machine

On our trip to the Jefferson Speedway flea market, Mr. Hollow spotted this Fischer MEWA sewing machine at a gentleman's booth.  I walked right past it.  Honestly easy to do if you saw the size of it; although, the colors should have smacked me in the face being so similar to the old singers.   The man selling it was liquidating an estate.  His friend's mother had passed away and the son just wanted all of the stuff in the house hauled away... Quite a bit of sewing notions, some beautiful pristine crocheted quilts and this sewing machine. 
Do I need to say for the millionth time that I do not need another sewing machine?  I know!  But this machine is so terrifically odd and about the size, color and poundage of my Singer Featherweight.  I have honestly never seen one like this.  My initial thought was to pass, but Hubby really took to this one.  He started haggling with the guy.  The guy started at $150 and Mr. Hollow was at $50.  The vendor turned it down, since he just got all of this stock.  We completely understood.  But Mr. Hollow couldn't resist a parting shout over his shoulder as he walked away , "Will you take $75."   The guy smiled and yelled back, "$80."   This started another haggling session, and it was beginning to get really hot outside.  Miserable hot, what can I say?   I'm a wuss...  Much to the chagrin of my Hubby, I pulled out the $80.00 and ended the fun.  Sorry people, I love a deal as much as the next guy, but I was starting to majorly sweat in the heat of that darn unrelenting summer sun. :(  LOL   
So here is a photo of the newest sewing machine to join the herd, I know absolutely nothing about except the fact that it is German.  The gentlemen did not bring the little notion carrying wood box that goes with it.  He said there was thread in it and did not mention any extra feet.  Unfortunately, the wood had a doggie smell to it, so it got left at home.  If there weren't extra feet involved, it was all for the best. :)

See the flaps in the front and the wings on the side?  When the machine is finished being used, these fold up and end up on each side of the harp/sewing platform.  The bent metal rod at the bottom back of the machine functions the same as the "foot pedal" for other machines.  Pretty neat little unit.  And let me say, someone took great care of this machine.  The black paint and gold design is beautifully preserved. 

She even came with her original instruction manual.  Of course, it is all in German.  LOL    This is a small manual like the Singers, so you can just imagine how narrow this machine is!

Once the sides are all folded up, the bent rod has a hole in the center so it can balance where the thread sits during use.  And this wooden case goes right over the top and locks shut.  I did see, in the photo on the front cover of the  instructions, where this case lines up with the front flap to create a sewing table to the side of the machine when sewing.  A lot of thought went into the design of these machines.  It really is a neat little unit.

I am guessing that maybe this was a machine from the 50's, since it is electric.  But I cannot find any information about it.  If anyone has some info or direction on how to locate some info, I would greatly appreciate any input.  :)

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