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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Sampling TLC's DC Cupcakes :)

I just love surprises left at my doorstep... Especially if they are edible! ;)  Here are some photos of a sweet gift  from Georgetown Cupcakes that was sent to my family from my younger sister's family.  **Note**  In case the name sounds familiar, Georgetown Cupcake, owned and operated by sisters Katherine Kallinis Berman and Sophie Kallinis LaMontagne, was catapulted into cupcake stardom with the show DC Cupcakes on the TLC network.

I spotted the pink box outside my front door immediately while turning into my driveway.  It was quite the contrast to our normal brown box deliveries!    

The inside box was covered in special wrapping along with a cooling pack to keep the cupcakes frozen for their journey.  Once that was removed, there was another pink box tied with a black ribbon that was emblazoned with the Georgetown Cupcake brand.

Look at this! :)  It was beautiful and fascinating all at the same time.  All of these wonderful cupcakes traveled to my home and arrived in pristine condition.  They began their trip frozen and had a stick placed centrally in each one to keep them from moving in transit.  I kept the packaging closed for a few hours so that the cupcakes could adjust to room temperature.

What an assortment!  It didn't take my hubby long before he grabbed up a chocolate cupcake.  For me it was a little harder of a choice. My sister had sent such a wide range of flavors... Hmmmmm.  But then, I caved in and went for the maple. :)

This was not only a thoughtful gift but a fun one also.  It made the week a special one and  brought smiles to the faces of everyone in our household.  Plus... They were DELICIOUS!  :)

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